EX500 Race Fuel Tank

OK now we're getting down to the some of the final things that you can do to get the last little bit out of your EX500. As you can see, the tank is located under the seat. You're probably asking,..... "why?"

Three very good reasons!

1. Lighter by about 5 pounds
2. Lowers the center of gravity
3. Lower seat and new tail section

Before we actually did this, our idea was to get more weight off the bike. After it was done, we found that the bike was much easier to turn into a corner and easier to handle. This is not a cheap mod because you need to do several other things to get it done. Of course we sell everything you will need to do it. In addition to the tank you will need a BRG EX500 Battery holder and a fiberglass tank cover.
Tank $465.00
Battery Box $125.00
Tank Cover $165.00
or get a complete kit for $659.00
And when it is finished it will look like this. The bike in the photo weighed just 310 pounds after the mods! This is for the very serious EX racer who has lost all grip on reality and is sure that the designers of the EX500 really wanted it to be a Moto GP bike.
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