Suzuki SV650 Motorcycle Parts
SV650 Carbon Dash   SV650 Lightweight Dog Bones
Only $125.00   Only $65.00
This is just one example of our carbon fiber dash. Everyone has their own idea what they want on the dash so please give us a call, or send an e-mail with what you have in mind and we can put something more (more)   We first started making them as a bling item but when we were done, we looked at the weight and compared it to stock dogbones. There was a nice little weight savings of just over a quarter of a pound and if we can (more)
SV650 Bodywork Mount   SV650 First Gen Gas Tank Bracket
Only $85.00   Only $45.00
This is the BRG bodywork mounting kit for Sharkskin's bodywork. Designed to take care of any ground clearance problems you may be having with the lowers of your Sharkskin's bodywork. You may need to look at our mounting kit, there are significant (more)   This is the BRG First Gen gas tank bracket. It originally was designed to work with just the BRG sub frame, but we have had a number of our customers inform us that they can retrofit our bracket to the stock sub frame and other manufacture's sub frames (more)
SV650 Battery Box   SV650 Tank Risers
Only $85.00   Only $35.00
This kit was designed to do two things; first to take as much weight off as possible because the street battery is much larger than a race bike really needs; second to move some of that weight forward and lower on the bike to help with handling so it (more)   These are the BRG SV650 tank risers, which raise the gas tank up approximately 3/4 of an inch. This done so the carburetors and/or fuel injection system can get more air. The factory configuaration causes air restriction and there's good horsepower to be (more)
SV650 Race Seat   SV650 Throttle Body
Only $125.00 with exchange   Only $350.00 (2 weeks lead time)
This is the BRG SV650 race seat. We simply take the stock seat, strip off the cover, take off the extra foam, put a firm foam that's approximately half an inch thick and put the cover on it. Doing this dropped the seat height by about two inches and saves about a pound (more)   The BRG 45 mm throttle body adapter kit takes a set of throttle bodies from the DL 1000 and mounts them, with our adapter plates, to the SV650. Why do we do this? The stock 39 mm throttle bodies limit the top end. If your motor is capable of more horsepower up (more)
SV650 First Gen Lightened Brake Arm   SV650 Lightened Stator Rotor (charges)
Only $85.00   $225 or $325.00 w/magnets removed
This is the BRG SV650 lightweight brake arm. As you can see it is a direct replacement for the stock brake arm. Here again, it just looks like bling but it actually saves a third of a pound in conjunction with the other lightning parts that we have for the SV650. Eventually, It all adds up (more) This is the BRG SV650 lightened stator rotor. We developed this stock part because of the problem with the cranks breaking a problem that makes obvious the fact the rotors are too heavy. Suzuki makes them heavy so you can pull away from the stop sign smoothly and is basically an inertia (more)
SV650 Fairing Bracket   SV650 Second Gen Tank Bracket
Only $155.00   Only $75.00

The BRG front fairing bracket for the Second Gen SV650 that weighs in at just 214 g. This is the lightest front fairing bracket on the market today. The reason it is so light is we start out with 1/8" sheet aluminum 6061 T6 and the way that we cut it on the C&C allows us (more)

  This is the BRG Second Gen SV650 gas tank bracket that supports the back end of the gas tank. It is nothing really fancy and is the same design as stock except it's made out of aluminum. It's just over a half a pound lighter then the stock bracket. (more)
SV650 First Gen Sub Frame   SV650 Second Gen Sub Frame
Only $245.00   Only $255.00
The BRG SV650 subframe weighs 1.5 pounds. The pictures show you what we do to make it as light as it is. We make all our own parts for the subframe in house. You can see where we lighten the (more)   This is the BRG superlight Sub frame for the Second Gen SV650 weighs in at a pound and 12 ounces. It is the world's lightest subframe for an SV, constructed of 6061.125 T6 sheet (more)
SV650 Triple Clamp   SV650 Rear Sets (no pegs or controls)
Only $325.00   Only $225.00
We take your stock SV triple stem out of lower triple braze out the lower section and turn to fit the new lower, then we make a bushing to fit the (more)   The BRG rear sets for the SV650 are made of T6061 aluminum for superior quality. They come with the necessary bolts and a linkage (if required) to bolt on (more)
SV650 Under the Seat Gas Tank   SV650 Belly Pan
Only $675.00   Only $255.00
This is the BRG under the seat gas tank. This is something that were playing with right now takes about 20 pounds off the bike lowers the center of gravity significantly makes the bike much more nimble. But right now I have no definitive results, but it looks (more)   Since most tracks and clubs are requiring the use of fluid retaining belly pans, we have developed a cost effective system that comes complete with all mounting hardware, and Duz fasteners, in place, ready to bolt on. BRG's SV650 belly pan is (more)
SV650 Frame Savers   SV650 Steering Damper Mount
Only $95.00   Only $85.00
We have looked at a lot of frame savers that are on the market, and were not happy with where they mounted to the frame. The BRG SV650 Frame Saver kit comes complete with all of the hardware to mount your frame savers to one of the strongest points on the frame. Mounting your frame (more)   The BRG Damper Mount Kit works with any 90mm stroke plunger style damper. Using the shorter damper helps to keep the cost down, and we mount it up front for more protection. With the smaller lighter damper mounted in front of the frame instead on on the side it is protected from damage (more)
SV650 Super-light Piston   SV650 First Gen Big Axle Kit
Only 185.00 each   Only $450.00 with Swing arm exchange
This is the BRG super-light piston. This piston is lighter than stock by 12 grams with a bigger piston dish design. This translates to more efficient combustion which makes more power than a two ring design and means less power loss. Our Super-light piston weighs (more)  

This is the BRG big axle kit for the SV650 First Gen. We found that after building some motors with pretty good horse power, anything 90 HP and above effected the stability of the bike on the exit of corners. We use an Ajax or 600 rear axle make a couple (more)

SV650 Ohlins Ride Height Adjuster   SV650 Fuse Box Holders
Only $125.00   Only $35.00
This is for the Ohlins shock only and the end of the shock needs to be tapered for the thread pitch for the adjuster(more)   We made these brackets to work on on the BRG SV650 sub frame. It just looks cleaner than using zip ties. (more)
SV650 Heat Shield   SV650 Superlight Rear Brake Hanger
Only $85.00   Only $125.00
We all know when we are tuning for optimum engine performance, in some instances heat is our friend. In other instances heat is our foe. We have found over the years that separating the intake track from the heat of the motor and the radiator gives us good horsepower (more)  

This is a lightweight option to the stock brake hanger that is based on a Baringer caliper. The caliper and the bracket, weighing in at a mere 640.45 grams or just under 1.5 pounds (1.411 pounds). The brake works just like the stock one. It's just lighter bracket. (more)

SV650 Second Gen Reverse Shifter   SV650 First Gen Reverse Shifter
Only $100.00   Only $100.00

There have been discussions about the dangers of running reverse shifting on a SV650. It's fairly easy to get reverse shifting, all you need to do is turn the arm upside down. The problem with this is that in certain crashes, the shift lever is exposed to forces that cause the shift arm to break. This can get quite expensive. (more)

SV650 Overflow Bottle Kit   SV650 Superlight Kit
Only $68.95   1st GEN $1089.60 2nd GEN $935.10

We saw this coolant and oil over flow bottle setup done on Matt Maladan's Yoshimura built superbike when a customer who had bought the bike brought it in for some Dyno Work. I thought it was a great idea. So I made a BRG OVER FLOW KIT for the SVs. Works great with the BRG super Light front fairing bracket. And (more)

  If you're building an SV superbike, then you have to look at this kit. With this kit you will be able to build one of the lightest SV race bikes on the track in a weekend. You can have all these parts installed and ready to go racing and enjoy all the advantages that this kit brings to the game. You can't call it a superbike (more)