The BRG crew

I'm kind a of funny  and may be a bit old fashion but I like to see who I'm dealing with. I think most of my customers are the same way. So that said here are pictures for the BRG team. I could not do what We do with out these guys. I'm very proud of each of these guys. There like family 

     This is a picture of the man behind the curtain Hi Nice to meet you I'm K.C.                           Welcome  to my shop. We will do are up most to make your visit fun.  We work very hard to make sure you feel good about the value of what we do here. My whole staff is committed to giving you the better product that we can, giving the individual circumstance we find from vehicle to vehicle. 


   This is Chad Hammer. Chad is the Shop Mangier. He's the guy that keeps all the cats in the coral. If you call, Chad well be the one you likely talking to him. 



This is Freddy Martinez

Freddy is are Mustang guy. Thow is young, only  27 year old. Freddys knowledge  of the Ford product line is deep. Freddy came to use as an apprentices, and he has developed in to a fine your Tec. We are working on getting him in the dyno tuning. 


This is Chris Doig.

    Chris is are SCT and HP tuner. Chris was one of my first apprentices years ago when Chris had hair. :-) Chris in a true artiest with his lap top. He is one of the best car fuel injection tuners around. Weather it be SCT of HP. he is very good at safely getting out all the horse power that is there. 


 This is Shawn McNeil Shawn is are Japanese bike guy. With 15 years of twisting wrenches Shawn is some you can leave you Japanese rocket and know it will come ready for the road.