We can tune the CAN AM spider

Here is something a bit different. But any of you out there that know me, know I love different. A customer,  Dave Nidetz call me about 2 weeks ago. Dave owns a 2012 Can Am Spider. He was interested in get the 3 wheeler tuned. He had a Dyno Jet, Power Commander already instead and a Web map loaded. But Dave felt (and as it turned out was absolutely right!) that the bike was not running at it best potential. When he got his Spider, Dave had the dealer ship in stall a Can Am exhaust system and an up grade on the air cleaner. I’m not sure what type off air cleaner he is using. But any way that is surely a candidate for a Dyno tune. Right? Right!

    Now what make is a good story, is that the Can Am is as you can see from the pictures is a 3 wheeler. It will not fit on just any Dyno. Bike guys look at it as a car And it want fit on a bike Dyno. The car guys look at it as if it’s a malformed motor cycle. And have no idea how to work with a Power Commander. So you need to find some one that has a back round in motorcycles and cars and likes a challenge. I.E. getting the vehicle locked down on the Dyno. Now you add the third problem in this saga. The Can Am comes with what I’ve been told is a Porsche inspired Fuel injection system. With full ABS system that’s fully integrated into the ECU. Now you may be saying. So how is that a problem? Well it’s pretty simple. On the Dyno the back wheel is turning and the front wheels aren’t. When that happens is the Can Am get really pissed off. The dash light up like a 5 and dime Christmas tree and the bike goes in to limp mod. What does that mean? Limp mod = no power IE you limp home like a shot duck. So the problem you have is getting around the ABS and still have the Can Am run properly with out throwing any trouble codes. A few years ago we had played with one. But at that point we did really have time or the budget to figure out the problem. But this time, I did have time and the right customer that really wanted to get his Can Am tuned, and was willing to invest a bit of money to have us figure out how to do this. This time we did figure it out. We got the Can Am up and Dynoed Yesterday. As to the results we Here are the graph that show the base line and the finished tune and the graphs say we got some very nice improvement. This is really cool when you’re sitting around with your buddies’ bench racing. But to me what really matters is when the customer comes back in from his test ride to see if the tune work and the see if he got his moneys worth. When Dave came back in and he had the big BRG grin and say. Its signifinclty better THANKS! I’ll take that as a win, win. Dave said better throttle response, smoother, Just plan faster better torque. All good things. Now that we have figured out how to do theses vehicles I’m going to make some modes to get the Can Am up on the Dyno is a more refined fashion. So if you have a Can Am and would like it tuned please give me a call. We will be happy to set up an appointment for you and get you Can Am 3 wheeler running the best it can. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

As to what we did to get around the ABS please don’t ask we figured it out. So can you. I will give you a hint. It ant that hard. J It took a couple of tries which was a pain everything it went in to limp mod we had to take the Can Am off the Dyno and rive it around to get it to reset.