Welcome to BRG's Dyno Testing & Tuning!


At BRG we use a hybrid chassis Dyno. It's a Factory Pro Motorcycle and a Mustang MD-750 Eddy Current car Dynamometer capable of measuring and holding 1200HP. We are the only dyno shop in the northern Ca that can tune motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks and 3 wheelers. We don't just give numbers, we give results. We strive to achieve the very best results in dyno testing and tuning. We have basically 2 dynos, we use a Factory Pro tuning plate form which allows us to perform a step test. STEP TESTING is when you can bring the vehicle's SPEED and RPM to where you want it and be able to hold the accelerator at any throttle position desire.  We use a 4 gas analyzer (CO,HC,CO2,O2) for greater accuracy on reading the engine's efficiency for satisfactory results. CO carbon monoxide is how much burnt fuel is coming out and is read in %. Hc is how much un-burnt fuel is coming out that is read in PPM (parts per million) Co2 is carbon dioxide. and O2 and that is how much oxygen is left after the power cycle is done.  When tuning the 4 gas is a handy equipment to have as I proudly like to deliver a tune that will give the best power, fuel mileage, running smoothness but yet keeping the safety of the motor in mind. Our second advantage of the dyno set up is a SWEEP TEST. Very similar to and well known the DYNO JET dyno where you start at a low RPM then rapidly pin the throttle to view the wide band O2 readings as the motor performs  under full load. The dyno is set up for numerous of applications and vehicles such as carburator, turbos, superchagers and more. The mustang DYNO MD-750 delivers, generates and performs very similar to the DYNO JET results.   


We have all the latest in software for tuning your motorcycle. We proudly offer WOOLICH RACING and FLASH TUNE software for the Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamah. TUNE BOY is very good scaled tuning software for the Ducati, KTM, MV Agusta, BMW's, also TUNE EDIT for most of the Triumphs and KTMs.  DYNO JETs Power Commander for the Honda, Suzuki,Yamaha Kawasaki and more. Power Vision, TTS and Harley's Super Tuner are the power adders for the Harley Davidsons, and with the Factory Pro 4 gas analyzer accuracy that will help enhance the tuning for greater results that are head and shoulders over our competition.                




For the Cars. We use SCT, HPtuners, Holly FI, Wolf.  The Ford tuning is done by Chris Doig as well as the HP tuners. Classic and older cars with chip driving ECUs We work with Hurris Chips.  


With being at the age of 60. I have a very strong back round in working on and tuning carburetor-ed motors: Holly, Strong burg, Weber, Edlbroke also known as Cater AFB's Rochester carburetor. We use state of the art and eco friendly sonic cleaner .





If we have a problem we have on sit the testing equipment to find fix the problem

Below here is our fuel injection tester and cleaner 



Dynotuning is not just for racing applications or those looking to seek higher performance levels. An experienced tuner can make a bike run smoother, more responsive, and even gain fuel economy and cooler engine temps. Currently all of today's bikes run very lean, although you may feel your bike runs well there maybe options available for you to better your bikes running condition. and your riding experience.