Suzuki SV650 Lightened Ignition Rotor

  • 26500

This is the BRG SV650 lightened stator rotor. We developed this stock part because of the problem with the cranks breaking, a problem that makes obvious the fact the rotors are too heavy. Suzuki makes them heavy so you can pull away from the stop sign smoothly and it is basically an inertia accumulator. Once you start to get more horsepower out of the motor though, the heavy ignition rotor just causes havoc with the nose of the crank, causing the crank to break.

Please keep in mind that if you put this on it's only a matter of time before the crank will break no matter how much weight you take off the rotor.  Putting the rotor on with a fresh crank shaft is the best scenario. SV650 superlight ignition rotor charging magnet starter assembly complete, that is roller Spragg cut and magnet holder and ignition trigger lightened and four of the six magnets removed.

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